The company UNICON

Founded in 1987, UNICON is one of the top leading executive consulting enterprises in Austria.
Our success is due to over 30 years of know-how been acquired by top performing and highly skilled Executive Coaches, who observe company's internal and market dynamics in order to deliver a tailor-made solution to improve business management and clients' perception.

+43 1310 3141
Thurngasse 8/14, 1090 Vienna

Our Team

Portrait photo of Wolfgang Halapier

Wolfgang Halapier

Portrait photo of Dr.Scerstine Puddu

Dr. Scerstine Puddu

Portrait photo of Kristina Kircher

Kristina Kircher

Portrait photo of Eduard Hamersky

Eduard Hamersky

Portrait photo of Andreas Eitelbös, MA

Andreas Eitelbös, MA

Portrait photo of Mag. Andrea Graf

Mag. Andrea Graf

Portrait photo of Mag. Johannes Halapier

Mag. Johannes Halapier

Portrait photo of Dr. Gunther Schmidt

Dr. Gunther Schmidt

Portrait photo of Dr. Corina Ahlers

Dr. Corina Ahlers

Portrait photo of Mag. Isabel Teuffenbach

Mag. Isabel Teuffenbach

Portrait photo of Hemetsberger

Mag. Dr. Leo Hemetsberger

Portrait photo of MMag. Angelica Pauleschitz

MMag. Angelica Pauleschitz

Our Services

To Lead

  • Best of Leadership - From professional to master
  • Leadership
  • Trust Culture - The Pandora Box of Trust
  • Executives Development programs


  • Team training

Personal skills

  • Thinking outside the box — Planning and organizing innovations
  • Communication - Expression makes impression
  • Presentation - The personal appearance
  • Conflict Management – Learn how to deal with conflict

Online employee satisfaction survey

Fluid Working - Work with the flow

Systemic consulting, process support

  • Consulting topics
  • Process sequence


Team building

Our Clients

  • ACCOR, Konzernhotelerie
  • API Betriebsgemeinnützige GmbH
  • ALLIANZ ELEMENTAR Versicherung
  • Bauunternehmen Ing. Harald Weissel Ges.m.b.H
  • BUNDESMINISTERIUM für Arbeit und Soziales
  • Edenred Austria GmbH
  • Energie Burgenland AG
  • ERSTE Bank der Österreichische Sparkassen AG
  • ERICSSON Austria AG
  • FELIX Austria GmbH
  • GOURMET Menü-Service GmbH & CoKG
  • Kaufhof Holding Deutschland
  • KIKA/LEINER Möbelhandelsges.m.b.H.
  • Laufen Austria AG
  • LUNDBECK Arzneimittel Ges.m.b.H.
  • Master Foods Austria
  • Mediaprint Zeitungs- und Zeitschriftenverlag
  • MINOLTA Austria GmbH
  • Nidetzky & PARTNER Unternehmensberatung
  • ORF – Österreichischer Rundfunk
  • Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH
  • ÖHV, Österreichische Hoteliervereinigung
  • ÖPWZ
  • Palmers Textil AG
  • Peek & Cloppenburg KG
  • PIB, Pädagogisches Institut des Bundes
  • Robert Bosch AG
  • RÖMERQUELLE Ges.m.b.H.
  • Styria Media AG
  • Softlab GmbH Wien
  • S REAL Immobilienvermittlung GmbH
  • TU, Technische Universität Wien
  • Unibind
  • Universitätsklinik Wien (AKH) Unfallchirurgie
  • Verbund
  • WU, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
  • Xerox & Partner

Apprentice Promotion Program 4.0 (Austria only)

Personal development training

Module 1: My individual Role

  • Who can I be — My role and I
  • Role definition in the context of the individual personality (role matrix)
  • Professional and social competencies, awareness of personal strengths
  • Life and career goals
  • Creation of a “motivational environment”
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Personal design in the company - How to be effective in your role
  • Individual communication skills (transaction analysis test with evaluation)
  • Clarity about individual’s own values and application of appreciation to improve staff performances
  • How to build up trust
  • Solution orientation in conversation
  • Constructive behaviour in conflict situations
  • Importance of Personal professional grooming

Module 2: Learning to Learn

  • Learning typology, learning strategies and learning rules
  • How do I learn best?
  • Successful learning strategy, the process of learning
  • Concentration and learning exercises
  • The Top 10 learning rules

Module 3: New Media Competency

  • Dealing with the diversity of the media and social networking
  • Use of new media: risks and benefits, advantages and disadvantages
  • Anonymity and “pseudonymity” on the Internet
  • Personal appearance on the Internet and the effect on superiors, colleagues, customers, etc who browse the web
  • Handling and processing of information — professional and private, in-house and confiden-tial information
  • The word and its effect — expression makes an impressionk

Follow-up packages to help apprentices with learning difficulties


  • Module 1 + 2
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Mental arithmetic
  • Rough calculations
  • Fractions and percentages
  • Root and powers
  • Areas and volumes
  • Various number systems
  • Logical thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Additional
  • Learn to learn
  • Digital aids
  • Sources and exercise materials online


  • Module 1 + 2
  • Foreign Words
  • Synonyms and meaning
  • High-level language vs. colloquial language
  • Morphology
  • Proverbs
  • Evaluation of sources
  • Large and lower case
  • Spelling, orthography
  • Short talks
  • Sentence construction, punctuation mark
  • Plurals
  • Additional
  • Learn to learn
  • Digital aids
  • Sources and exercise materials online


  • Module 1 + 2
  • False Friends
  • Translate and Google Translator
  • Online dictionaries
  • Pronunciation and spelling
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Occupational word fields
  • German words in English
  • One minute presentation
  • Digital sources
  • Media usage Computer games, TV / Streaming
  • Active and passive vocabulary
  • Phrases and idioms
  • Grammar topics as requested level A2-B2
  • Additional
  • Learn to learn
  • Digital aids
  • Sources and exercise materials online
  • Media usage

The Trainers

Portrait photo of Thomas Kunze

Thomas Kunze

Portrait photo of Eduard Hamersky

Eduard Hamersky

Contact Us

Thurngasse 8/14
1090 Vienna


By Car:

If arriving by car, please note that we are in a short-term parking zone.
Short-term parking zone: Monday to Friday (on weekdays), 09:00–22:00
Parking garage: Bauernfeldplatz (about 200m)

By Public Transport:

If arriving by public transport we recommend the following lines/stations:
37, 38, 40, 41, 42 / Schwarzspanierstraße (Footpath: about 4 minutes)
D / Bauernfeldplatz (Footpath: about 3 minutes)
40A / Berggasse (Footpath: about 4 minutes)